Goolwa Attractions and What to do Activities

The coastal town Goolwa in South Australia

As well as its history, Goolwa has many modern attractions. Goolwa is the perfect spot for many adventures and activities during the day. You can easily take in these sights by following along the board walks along the sand dunes. Beaches are also accessible with 4WD. Being a coastal town, it attracts many surfers, cocklers and fishermen. It’s perfect for water activities such as kayaking, canoeing, sailing, windsurfing and water-skiing.

Goolwa is a family friendly location with parks, playground and an animal farm. You can easily walk to destinations and attractions.

Food and Eating in Goolwa

There are also plenty of places for SA’s coffee, food and wine culture, including pubs, cafes and restaurants. There are both fine dining and casual experiences on offer. Places such as the Motherduck Café, Hector’s Cafe on the Wharf and Bombora on the River don’t disappoint. For an easy, affordable experience, visit the bakeries, pubs and fish and chip shops in the local area. There are also food stores including Foodland, Woolworths and IGA for your convenience.

Goolwa Surroundings and Beaches Nearby

The whole coastline is full of gorgeous beaches. Goolwa’s main beach attracts surfers from all of Australia. Whilst visiting, there are plenty other beaches to explore.


Middleton is a town in between Port Elliot and Goolwa and gathers many tourists in the summer holidays. Over the years it is becoming increasingly popular for being an excellent holiday destination. It is a popular surfing beach, even in the winter, and is known for its large surfing waves. It also gathers fishermen and has a spot great for rock fishing. In the wintertime, you can even see Southern Right Whales from Middleton beach as they come to shelter in the coves.

Victor Harbour

Take a day’s trip to the popular town of Victor Harbour. Full of day activities, it’s a popular and well-loved destination in SA. The horse-drawn carriage takes you across to the famous Granite Island. This island is unique in SA as it is home to a wild penguin colony. The walk around the island is stunning with picturesque views of the coastline- and be sure to keep your eyes out for the cute Little Penguin’s in the rocks and water. There are also tours and walking trails, and plenty of places to eat, including cafes, pubs and restaurants. In the winter, you can also spot whales from Victor Harbour, which is one of the many reason’s tourists come visit the town. This town is full of life and activity with plenty to do during your holiday.

Port Elliot

Between Victor Harbour and Middleton lays Port Elliot, another beachside town full of cafes, a stunning coastline with cute beach cottages. With a jetty to jump off, walking tracks to explore and turquoise water to lay be, you’ll be sure to be relaxed in this small town. Port Elliot is also known for its famous Port Elliot Bakery, selling a wide range of mouth-watering baked delights.